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Privacy Policy



What's Covered In This Notice?

This notice informs you of:

  • Your privacy rights

  • Ark Home Health Care's duty to guard and protect health information that pertains to or identifies you

  • How Ark Home Health Care may use/disclose health information that identifies you with or without your written authorization

This notice does not apply to health information that does not name or identify you or anyone else.

In this Notice of Privacy Practice, “medical information” and “health information” are interchangeable and includes any information that relates to:

  • Your physical health or mental health or condition (during the past, present, or future)
  • Health care services provided or being provided to you
  • The payment for your health care (during the past, present, or future)

Healing Ark Home Health Care is mandated by law to maintain the privacy of this information, also known as Protected Health Information (PHI). Ark Home Health Care is also required to provide you with a notice of our legal duties and privacy practices in relation to your PHI. This notice describes your legal rights, and informs you of how Ark Home Health Care is allowed to use/disclose your PHI.

Ark Home Health Care is also concentrated on protecting your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). PII can be info unique to you and when used alone or with another piece of data could identify you to another. Your PII does not have to be health related. Examples of things that are considered to be PII are a picture of you, account number, date of birth, social security number, and your address or zip code. Abuse of any of these pieces of personal information, could lead to identity theft or other issues unfortunately.

Healing Ark Home Health Care fully comprehends the severity of maintaining the security of any information given to us. We have a number of security features in place within our everyday processes. In addition, we thoroughly train our staff and contractors to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to upholding your confidentiality and privacy.

Privacy Rights

With respect to the law, you have the right to:

  • View and/or obtain a copy of the health information Healing Ark Home Health Care has in regards to you (in most situations).

All clients of Ark Home Health Care can request to see their record(s). Keep in mind that your records are proprietary property of Ark Home Health Care even though they are about you. You may ask to see your record and Ark Home Health Care staff will set up a meeting to sit with you as you review your record.

As an active client, if you would like a duplicate of a document in your record, you can request it from our main office staff. In most situations we can copy the document for you.

Whether you're an active or inactive client, a request for a copy of several documents will require you to sign a Release of Information, which will give us authorization to fulfill your request. Healing Ark Home Health Care may take up to 10 business days to complete this demand.

While reviewing the record, individuals are not able to remove any documents or take pictures in any format via any photographic capable device.

Healing Ark Home Health Care's Release of Information form allows us to do the following: share your info with another person/agency that you identify; receive information from another person/agency; or share information in a back and forth manner. You determine with whom and what documents or information are released. This process was set in place to protect your privacy and guarantee that Ark Home Health Care takes the proper action with handling your information.

You also have the power to decide how that information is shared (via mail, pick-up in person, encrypted email, fax, or verbally). 

Withdrawal of your authorization to release information is able to be done at any time. Your withdrawal must be submitted via a written request. You may be asked to also submit a new Release of Information form. This is done to clear up where you stand on what can be released and to whom, if necessary. Upon receipt of your revocation, it will be implemented immediately and will be attached to your original release to show the date of your revocation. Please keep in mind that Ark Home Health Care cannot be held liable for the disclosure of any PHI or PII that complied with the directives of a release in effect prior to your written revocation.

Ask Healing Ark Home Health Care to correct particular information, including particular health information about you, if you believe the information is wrong and/or incomplete. This request must be submitted in writing to the Ark Home Health Care Alternate Administrator or Program Director that has the information. If Healing Ark Home Health Care denies your request to alter any information, you can have your written disagreement placed in your record.

You may ask for a list of times Ark Home Health Care has disclosed health information about you for purposes other than treatment, compensation, healthcare procedures and other specific reasons as administered by law, with the exception of times when you have authorized or asked that Ark Home Health Care disclose the information. This request must also be submitted in writing. It would be favorable to include the name(s) of the Healing Ark Home Health Care programs under which you are served.

Ark Home Health Care is mandated by law to maintain the privacy of your PHI and PII and to alert you if there is a breach of your information.

You may ask Healing Ark Home Health Care to minimize the use and/or disclosure of health information about you beyond what the law requires. On the other hand, the law does not obligate Healing Ark Home Health Care to agree to minimize use and disclosure.

If you believe calling your typical number or sending information to your typical address could put you in danger, tell Ark Home Health Care where and how to send you messages or mailings via a written request. You must be specific about where and how to contact you so Ark Home Health Care staff can honor your demand.

You can "opt out" of marketing and fundraising emails from Healing Ark Home Health Care by unsubscribing. Ark Home Health Care does not include client info in marketing/fundraising mailing list or email lists.

As per our policy, Healing Ark Home Health Care does not sell any of our contact information including, client lists and marketing or fundraising lists.

You may exert any of the rights outlined above by contacting the Healing Ark Home Health Care Administrator, Alternate Administrator, or Program Director via the methods described at the end of this notice.

How Healing Ark Home Health Care May Use Your Information

Ark Home Health Care may use or disclose health information about you for health management purposes. Activities included in health management are:

  • Treatment: This can be done verbally and/or via written documentation and may reference your medical state and/or your treatment. An example of this would be for Healing Ark Home Health Care to send your Individual Plan of Care for review of development, procedures, techniques, and etc.
  • Payment/Billing for Services Delivered: This refers to any contact made with your insurance company, provider, and broker or with you or your designated personnel for such purposes.

You can request Healing Ark Home Health Care to restrict or minimize the release of your info to your health plan if:

  • The disclosure is for the reason of payment/billing or for health care processes and activities and is not otherwise required by law.
  • The PHI or PII concerns a service or feature that you or someone else paid for out of pocket in full. The service or feature cannot have been paid for partly or in whole by the health plan.

Health care processes and activities - Other practices and releases of PHI without your written permission may include:

In emergency situations (medical or building): the Public Health Department official demand, government or law enforcement inspections or proceedings, court orders and/or subpoenas for records, for the purposes of workers’ compensation, and audits or checks.

Other activities imperative for the oversight of the health care structure, government benefit programs, or to carry out civil rights law:

  • Investigations of whether Healing Ark Home Health Care is administering quality care and other in-house quality enhancement procedures.
  • Investigations in the cases of individuals that are victims of abuse, neglect, exploitation or domestic violence or may be experiencing a serious threat to safety/health.
    • If Ark Home Health Care suspects that you may be the victim of abuse, neglect, exploitation or domestic violence, Healing Ark Home Health Care is mandated by law to notify the Department of Family & Protective Services or DFPS and/or the local law enforcement. A Release of Information form is not required for Ark Home Health Care to make this report.
  • Ark Home Health Care may use or disclose health information about you if it is believed the use or disclosure is necessary:
    • To prevent or minimize a severe and urgent threat to the health and safety of a person or public.
    • For law enforcement authorities to identify or obtain an individual who has confessed to taking part in a violent crime that caused serious bodily harm to the victim. Information gathered while beginning or conducting counseling or therapy is an exception.
    • To aid law enforcement authorities on detaining an individual who has escaped from lawful custody.
    • For other reasons of law enforcement authority.

Ark Home Health Care may disclose health data regarding you to a law enforcement officials for the following law enforcement scopes:

  • To satisfy the directives of a valid subpoena (or comparable lawful procedures)

Keep in mind that in protecting your privacy, Healing Ark Home Health Care will not disclose your information to an attorney or other third party asking for your records in the absence of your signed authorization on a Release of Information form or a valid subpoena.

  • To identify and track down a suspect, fugitive or outlaw, witness or missing person
  • To provide information requested pertaining to an actual or suspected victim of crime
  • To notify law enforcement of the death that Healing Ark Home Health Care believes is the outcome of criminal behavior
  • To report the evidence of illegal activities on Ark Home Health Care property
  • Healing Ark Home Health Care may use/disclose health information in relation to you when required by law

Other Purposes and Disclosures

Healing Ark Home Health Care may use or release health information about you for the following reasons:

  • To health health information that does not point out or name any precise individual;
  • To the U.S. or a foreign military (for militant uses), if you are or have been a member of the association requesting the information
  • For matters pertaining to lawful national security activities and procedures
  • In an effort to protect the President and others, it may be given to federal officials
  • If required by the U.S. government for medical suitability determinations and security clearances
  • To adhere to the directives of worker’s compensation laws or related laws
  • To notify or aid in notifying a family member or another person participating in your care about your whereabouts, general condition or status, and/or death

All other releases of your PHI and your PII will only be done in accordance to the directives of your your written authorization via a Release of Information form.

Complaint Process

You have the right to express a complaint if you believe that Healing Ark Home Health Care has violated your privacy rights. Your complaint can be shared directly with the Ark Home Health Care Administrator or Alternate Administrator:

  • By mail at:

1240 Southridge Court Suite 106, Hurst, TX 76053

  • By email at:

  • By telephone 24/7 at:


If the complaint or concern is received via telephone, mail, or email,

we will reach out to you within 3-5 business days.

If you are concerned about potential consequences or retaliation for sharing a complaint, be advised that there are protections put in place to assure that there will be no retaliation to you for sharing a complaint. Healing Ark Home Health Care is more interested in doing the right thing and safeguarding your private information.